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The home of awesome SEO Tools

Saasy Tools was founded in San Jose, California, to create niche tools in the digital marketing space.

Our philosophy is to create easy to use tools, that are shaped by the needs and wants of our customers. Our customers range from small business owners, SEO specialists to marketing and SEO agencies, retail and Enterprise marketing departments.

If there is any tool you'd like us to create for you, send us an email at info@saasytools.com

Our Products

Check out our existing products and those still in the works


A content optimization tool for comparing your site's content with your competitors using TF-IDF algorithm. Boost your Google rankings by using this tool to improve relevance.

Check out TF-IDF Tool

ContentAced helps you research, write, optimize and audit content. Increase search traffic using highly relevant and useful content.

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Contact Us

Send us an email at info@saasytools.com

5273 Prospect Rd, #249
San Jose, California, USA 95129